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Here’s how it starts…

Choose a cloud provider after searching online and comparing prices. Sign up and migrate all of your data. Save lots of money, eliminate IT support personnel/contractors and be happy forever…right?

With all of the marketing hype surrounding cloud computing, a lot of people believe this fairy tale. The truth is, cloud computing has been around for decades, albeit under different names: terminal & mainframe, hosted services, VPS (virtual private server), etc. At ITS, we can help your organization navigate the troubled waters of cloud computing. Ensure your company’s livelihood doesn’t end up relying on servers running in someone’s basement.


These graphics illustrate the DOs and DON'Ts of cloud computing.

STORMY (don't)

bad cloud configuration graphic

CLEAR (do)

good cloud configuration graphic

  • A single, underpowered cloud based server performing many functions
  • No local domain or security management
  • No centralized local storage
  • No redundant cloud backups
  • Unmanaged workstations with outdated security
  • A simple router
  • Weak, publicly-based encryption used for accessing cloud resources
  • Software-based, attack-susceptible firewall in cloud environment
  • Unregulated, minimally secure mobile user access
  • Overseas and/or very inexperienced, unresponsive support from the cloud provider.
  • Dedicated cloud server for domain controller and cloud file storage synced to a local, lightweight Windows server acting as a local domain controller and centralized local file storage
  • Dedicated cloud application server to deliver applications via multiple protocols
  • Secondary independent vendor used for replicating cloud-to-cloud backups
  • Workstations and cloud servers managed by ITS
  • Enterprise-grade VPN firewall utilizing heavy encryption and security to access cloud resources
  • Mobile users supported by SSL VPN to cloud and local resources
  • Backed up with local support from ITS and additional support based in the USA from Tier 2 agents at the cloud provider.
In our experience, here's how most organizations without an IT advocate end up. This configuration is a recipe for disaster. There may appear to be short-term cost savings, but in the long run, it's likely that this configuration will suffer serious problems due to lack of security, support & reliability. An example of a properly configured cloud computing environment. ITS has deployed this configuration across varying types and sizes of business with great success.

Let us show you the ITS service difference.


What is Cloud Computing?


What Cloud Computing is not:


How does ITS solve these problems for your organization?

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Their automated monitoring … gives us the peace of mind to concentrate on performing our responsibilities.

They are able to diagnose and resolve issues remotely, often before we are aware that there could be a problem.

ITS provides a host of services for us ranging from the recommendation, purchase and installation of hardware to making sure that all of our software needs are met.

(They) are professional, courteous, and respond to our needs in a timely fashion.

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We no longer wonder whether our computers will work when we arrive at the office.

ITS is an absolute lifesaver.

… super fast in responding to our support calls…

Without reservation, I trust their judgment and highly recommend ITS to any organization that needs prompt, reliable, expert service.