What is Managed IT Services?

Managed Services prolongs the productive life of existing assets with intelligent proactive maintenance. It is a defined set of services that enable your technology to operate reliably and within budget.

Relaxing at workOur Managed Information Technology (MIT) program is designed to optimize your technology investment and maximize the productivity of your people and business. It is a proactive approach to technology management that goes far beyond simple monitoring or responding to the next crisis.

In the traditional environment, customer downtime produces more income for the service provider. Experience the advantages of the ITS MIT program, where proactive maintenance enables customer uptime and productivity, resulting in a mutually rewarding relationship.

By maximizing the benefits of technology, routine maintenance functions can be automated and scheduled to ensure that all tasks are completed and reported consistently, without fail. At the same time, valuable data is gathered to identify trends and patterns which can be used to plan system changes or enhancements. This reduces the impact on your business.

Implementing a holistic technology plan such as ITS MIT allows for predictable expenditures. Instead of unexpected service interruptions and repair costs, why not improve your system’s reliability while keeping your technology investment within budget?

Remember - the cost of a single unexpected technology failure can exponentially exceed the monthly investment in ITS MIT.

Of businesses that experience a catastrophic data loss, 43% never reopen and 51% close within two years. Your organization’s risk profile is significantly higher with unmanaged technology due to outdated software, missing security updates and malware.

ITS Group has a documented history of integrity, excellent service, and reliability; our experts average 20 years of IT-related experience. Ask our clients how we have revolutionized their technology experience!


See the services included with our MIT offering
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Managed IT Services
(Local, Cloud or Hybrid)
On-site and Telephone Support
Assistance may be requested by calling our support telephone number or sending an email.  When a problem cannot be resolved remotely, a service representative will be dispatched according to the urgency of the problem.  On-site support may be provided only after remote services have been unsuccessful in addressing the issue.
2-20 Hours/Month
Virtual Help Desk
Requests for assistance may be initiated using our ticketing system in which pertinent information is entered by computer and forwarded to our Help Desk.  Assistance also may be obtained through email or by telephone.
Secure Remote Support - 8-5, M-F, 24/7/365 (Emergencies)
A service representative may utilize a secure remote connection to your network to diagnose and resolve a problem, make requested modifications, or perform routine maintenance.  All representatives adhere to our confidentiality policy and all information is properly encrypted while in transit.
Automated Alerts 24/7/365
Supported network components and servers will be monitored continuously to detect problem areas and potential risks.  Critical event alerts will be generated automatically.  For example, an alert signal that a server is offline will prompt an investigation and remedial action.  These alerts augment the proactive management that is integral to managed services.
Response Time
This is the amount of time between our receipt of a request for assistance (by ticketing system, email, or telephone) and our first response (by telephone, email, or remote access).   The first response typically involves the initiation of a service order, a request for additional information, some problem diagnosis, and possibly a resolution to the problem; follow-up support may be required to resolve the problem and close the case.
Two Hours
Third Party Hardware and Software Support
We will work with hardware and software manufacturers for service, support, and upgrades as long as the client has an acceptable support agreement in place with the manufacturer or vendor.
Scheduled Reviews
We will meet with you and selected staff members to discuss your business objectives, review your technology status, and offer appropriate recommendations.
Two Per Year
Monthly Status and Usage Reports
A report of service events is provided at the end of each month.  Additional detailed reports are available upon request.
Discount on Rates for Work not Covered by Service Plan.
Depending upon the Service Plan selected, you may be eligible for a discounted hourly rate for additional services performed, such as new implementations and network upgrades.
Microsoft Patch Management
Patches are updates to existing software to resolve known problems or improve security.  We centralize the management of this function and provide customized, environment-specific updates on a tailored schedule.
Third Party Software Update Management
We install updates and patches to commonly used third party software (Adobe Reader & Flash Player, Java, etc.) through centralized management.
Web Portal for Mobile User Remote Access
With our Secure Token Authentication system, users can access network-based resources from remote locations.  Access requires Two-Factor Authentication, which relies upon a randomly-generated token plus a user ID and password.
Two Users Included
Event Log Investigation and Remediation
The Windows Operating System and other software from selected vendors will be monitored to detect problem areas and potential risks. Critical event alerts will be generated automatically so that remedial action can be taken.
Windows OS Performance Logging and Optimization
ITS can monitor the usage and performance of the Central Processing Unit (CPU), memory, and disk drive(s) and recommend improvements.
Internet Connectivity Consulting
In coordination with your Internet Service Provider (ISP), ITS will analyze your Internet connection for performance and reliability and make appropriate recommendations.  We can also monitor for the availability of your website and other external services.
Environment Monitoring and Problem Notification
Using specialized components and SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) enabled devices, ITS will monitor for proper temperature and humidity levels as well as electrical power availability.  This service provides another layer of protection against damage and unexpected outages.
Power Management for Energy Savings
Utilizing Intel vPro technology, ITS can schedule your PCs and turn on for patching and software updates, then shut down after hours, thereby reducing your electrical cost and increasing hardware life.  Implementation of Windows power policies is also possible.
Microsoft Exchange Administration
This service helps to ensure the successful operation of On Premise (local) Exchange Servers and Selected Cloud Service Providers.
Software Licensing Compliance Assistance
We install and support only properly-licensed software.  After obtaining accurate information about your installed software, we can provide recommendations to ensure that your software is licensed in accordance with the manufacturer’s policies.  We can supply periodic software inventory reports to help you maintain compliance with major providers (Adobe, Intuit, Microsoft, etc.)
Software Deployment
Installing and updating software throughout a network can be time-consuming and error-prone.  When applicable, we can work with your software vendor to implement an automated process that installs or updates the software with minimal human intervention.
Multi-Office VPN and Mobile User Administration
ITS can implement secure remote access for branch offices and remote users, provide assistance with connectivity issues, and modify user access as requirements change.
Web Filtering Configuration and Reporting
If your network employs web filtering technology, we can ensure proper operation of the software and provide periodic activity reports on supported devices.  Additional fees may apply for modifying specific settings (e.g., maintaining “black lists” or “white lists”).
Hardware Lifecycle Policy Planning
We will assist you in developing a hardware life cycle policy/schedule by evaluating your system and identifying failing and unreliable hardware.
Firmware Upgrades
If your organization utilizes selected hardware brands and maintains the required vendor support agreements, ITS will install recommended firmware updates to help ensure continued operation and support.
for Supported Devices
Anti-virus Software Management
For corporate-level anti-virus software (Avast, Kaspersky, Symantec or equivalent), ITS will ensure that the software and definitions are up-to-date (provided a valid support agreement exists with the software manufacturer), helping to keep your network safe.
Disaster Recovery Planning
This service involves the development of a technology disaster recovery plan and periodic testing of your data backup system to verify the ability to recover critical data.  Selected backup systems are supported.
Network and Server Backup Management
If your organization uses a corporate-level data backup system (Acronis backup & Recovery, Symantec BackupExec, or equivalent), we will monitor the backups for successful completion and maintain the software updates required to keep the system running smoothly.
Industry Regulation Compliance Consulting
ITS may provide consultation to assist you in becoming technologically compliant with industry regulations such as PCI (Payment Card Industry), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), and SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley).
User Account and Password Administration
ITS service technicians will add, modify, and delete network user accounts and reset lost or compromised passwords.
*May be separately billable

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Is your business suffering from...

  • Technology malaise (hate computers but can’t function without them)?
  • Computer downtime?
  • Viruses and Spyware?
  • Lost productivity due to network problems?
  • A nagging feeling that technology is hindering rather than aiding your business?

Let our Managed Services program relieve the pain!

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Their automated monitoring … gives us the peace of mind to concentrate on performing our responsibilities.

They are able to diagnose and resolve issues remotely, often before we are aware that there could be a problem.

ITS provides a host of services for us ranging from the recommendation, purchase and installation of hardware to making sure that all of our software needs are met.

(They) are professional, courteous, and respond to our needs in a timely fashion.

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ITS has always been available to offer prompt, courteous assistance… We have come to rely on the staff at ITS and we have never been disappointed with their services.

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Over the years, we have relied on their expertise to help us make intelligent, cost-effective decisions.

We no longer wonder whether our computers will work when we arrive at the office.

ITS is an absolute lifesaver.

… super fast in responding to our support calls…

Without reservation, I trust their judgment and highly recommend ITS to any organization that needs prompt, reliable, expert service.